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GT0101AporiaThis month is Boreas's Sorrows, or Night of Selenium for you uppercity people, and I would like to incorporate some of the island's flora into my display. Certainly there are flowers that bloom this time of year up there?A crystal flower from the Hanging Gardens01/07
GT0106Spider LoverI would like a large collection of non-poisonous spiders. The jars are provided at the Task Center and each one should have at least five spiders in them. Just leave the completed jars at the desk and they will give you payment.100 sylvs per jar01/05

February 2017

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GT0201ElucidaLooking for someone to guard my garden. Must be available to patrol late at night and early into the morning. Do NOT comment upon, climb upon, or gaze too long at the statues. They are very shy.500 sylvs/night02/05
PermanentEikichi MishinaWorking at the Jade Dragon Bathhouse & SpaMoney02/16~present

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GT0308Whisper of the Heart TroupeLooking for help in making props for an upcoming show. Any and all artistic abilities welcome.Front row seats to "Love Rarely Ceases," as well as a small bag of silver coins03/06
PermanentEikichi MishinaWorking at the Jade Dragon Bathhouse & SpaMoney02/16~present

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GT1209GregI need downers to make my backyard into a proper swamp. Don't ask why.20 sylvs12/15

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atsushi Atsushi Kinugawa // 鬼怒川熱史
In middle school, En caught Atsushi's arm before he tripped and fell. As luck would have it, they both had coupons to CoCoKaRa Curry which helped spark a lifelong friendship. Although they're polar opposites, they seem to understand each other nearly perfectly; En can understand how Atsushi's emotions work and Atsushi can translate the most minor changes in En's naturally deadpan expression. They currently live together in an apartment, which En tries his best to keep... sufficiently clean.

eikichi Eikichi Mishina // 三科栄吉
Boss-sama. Really. Despite En's droopy-eyed appearance, Eikichi was kind enough to allow En employment at the Jade Dragon Bathhouse. Fortunately, although En doesn't care about a lot of things, bathhouses rest comfortably at #3 on his list of things he cares about, following manjuu at #2 and Atsushi at #1. Eikichi seems... young. And eccentric. But he gave En a job, so he's not about to complain.

jj Jean-Jacques Leroy
Apparently he's a pro Canadian figure skater or something like that. It's not that En doesn't appreciate figure skating, because he does, but it's still incredibly hard for him to imagine a figure skater saving the world. Apparently, JJ considers him a friend. Maybe? En doesn't know. He calls him "Low Energy" but that's not really a friendly term, is it? JJ also apparently is into singing, and En can get behind that. At the time being, he prefers JJ's vibrato over his bravado.

weiss Weiss Schnee
His first thought when he saw her was comparing her to an ice queen, but for as frosty as she might appear, she's basically just a pile of snow that's melted from the warmth of her heart. She seems a little bossy, just like En, but she seems to know what she wants most of the time. She very clearly cares about people, Atsushi included, which makes her all right in his books. He's kind of amused at the cooking tales he's heard about her, though, but it seems she pulls it off better than he does.

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Player: Hojo
Contact: [ profile] RasereiHojo
Age: 26
Current Characters: Ken Murata // [personal profile] wiselike


Character: En Yufuin
Age: 18
Canon: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!
Canon Point: End of Season 2

Background: When En was in middle school, he had a chance meeting with Atsushi Kinugawa, who had tripped while walking down the road. Despite his fondness for being lazy, En reached out and grabbed Atsushi, preventing him from falling. Through sheer coincidence, they were both heading to the same destination to get some curry. It was the combination of these events that sparked his friendship with Atsushi.

Over the years, his friendship with Atsushi blossomed despite their completely opposite personality and interests. He lived a typically normal life until his third year of high school if you ignore the frequency of his trips to relax at the bathhouse. During one of these daily visits to the bathhouse with Atsushi, a pink space animal that resembled a wombat fell from a portal and rambled about saving the Earth with love. Disturbed at the very idea of being harassed by a pink wombat, En and Atsushi left the bath immediately while declining to talk to the wombat properly.

The next day at school, the pink wombat had made a return as a live accessory to their teacher, who was holding the wombat under his arm. Immediately after class, the wombat tried to initiate contact with En and Atsushi again, and so once more the two friends made a hasty retreat, this time to their club room, the aptly named Earth Defense Club. Two other members, second years Io Naruko and Ryuu Zaou were already inside. Behind En and Atsushi was the wombat, with the first year Yumoto Hakone, who wanted to cuddle the wombat, right on the wombat's heels. The "confrontation" ended with the wombat, whose name is too complex for Earthlings to comprehend apparently and so was named Wombat, magically placed a bracelet on the wrists of the five boys in the room. Much to most of the boys' dismay, the bracelets wouldn't come off.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain associated with the bracelet, and Wombat explained that such a pain meant there was someone or something was acting loveless and causing mayhem, and that it was these five boys' responsibility to save the day. Everyone aside from Yumoto was incredibly reluctant about it, but the five boys and Wombat left the club room to search for the source of lovelessness. They found it in the form of a monster-sized chikuwabu, a part of Japanese flavorings that is considered "useless" as it has no benefit itself, but rather soaks up the flavors of all the other ingredients. While still feeling reluctant, suddenly something overcame each of the five boys, and they ended up giving separate, archetypal one-liners coupled with stereotypical Magical Girl poses. The boys (minus Yumoto) were incredibly flustered by what they had just done for apparently no reason. Wombat urged them to use their Loveracelets to transform to defeat the monster with love, and so lacking any real choice, they did so.

Most of the boys were less than pleased with their new costumes, which like the bracelets also didn't come off. With their reasoning basically being "they might as well," the five boys used their newly acquired magically attacks, deciding to name the attacks themselves, and defeated the chikuwabu monster, with Yumoto finishing it off with a "Love Shower" composed of the staves of the other four boys. And so, En's secret identity as Battle Lover Cerulean began.

From then on, the series is very much a monster of the week type of deal where a monster shows up, the Battle Lovers defeat the monster with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and Yumoto finishes off the fight by showering the monster with love, turning the monster back into one of their classmates. It's easy for the Battle Lovers to keep their identity secret, thanks to the pixelation that appears on their faces, coupled with voice alteration, due to Wombat and his planet's technology. Sometimes, people get nosy such as their fellow classmates from the Press Society who want to do interviews with the members of the Earth Defense Club, but things always turn out all right.

In the midst of battling monsters, En and the others begin to wonder just where the monsters are coming from since, when showered with love, they always turn back into their classmates. So it would make sense that whoever is turning people into monsters would be someone from nearby. As it turns out, they are exactly right, and eventually come pixelated face to pixelated face with the Earth Conquest Club, Caerula Adamas, whose goal is to bring about mayhem and destruction, and perhaps to destroy the Earth.

It isn't until the Binan Festival in which it's mandatory for all the clubs to showcase the fruits of their labor that the Earth Conquest Club and the Earth Defense Club figure out who's in the opposing club. En volunteers Atsushi to make curry since he's good at making it, and the five of them agree to advertise for their booth in their Battle Lover forms, under the pretense that they're simply "cosplaying" as the Battle Lovers and so it's okay if Wombat removes the pixelation. While Atsushi is left alone to make curry dressed up as Battle Lover Epinard, the Student Council President Kinshirou opens the door that connects the Earth Defense Club with the Student Council Room. Upon seeing the curry that Atsushi is making, he immediate transform into The Golden Chevalier, Aurite. Without the pixelation over Atsushi, and because Kinshirou transformed in front of him, they know the real identities of each other.

Meanwhile, while En and the others are trying to advertise their curry, Student Council Vice President Arima and fellow Student Council member Gero see the Battle Lovers out in the open and immediately transform in front of them. Of course, an all out battle ensues. It's during this fight that Kinshirou reveals that Atsushi had rejected him as a friend years ago. It was the day En had caught Atsushi's wrist and they decided to get curry together since they both had coupons -- Kinshirou had been watching from afar. He gave Atsushi the cold shoulder the next day, and En was bemused that two people could have a fight and not know why. When En suggested that Atsushi talk to Kinshirou about it, Atsushi decided if Kinshirou didn't want to talk that it wouldn't be fair to drag the reason out of him. That's why En had replaced Kinshirou as Atsushi's best friend over the years, because Kinshirou was unwilling to tell Atsushi his feelings, and Atsushi was too passive to confront Kinshirou about it.

The fight is interrupted by Yumoto's older brother Goura who arrives squeezing a huge goldfish-type creature in his hand. Goura orders the goldfish to explain himself, which he does: the battles between the Battle Lovers and the Caerula Adamas members have been recorded. The reality of the situation is that everything has been broadcast to the entire universe as a reality television show, courtesy of the Press Society. Kinshirou is overwhelmed at knowing the entire universe has watched and judged his every single action and finds no point in fighting the Battle Lovers if it's just for the sake of a television show.

With both sides unwilling to be the pawns of a bunch of space aliens, they fight together against the Caerula Adamas' Zundar and the Press Society's Hireashi and defeat them. With the real enemy defeated, Kinshirou declares that he only protected the Battle Lovers because it was his responsibility as Student Council President. When Atsushi thanks him for protecting them, Kinshirou's pent up frustration finally comes out. Because Atsushi had always been so kind to Kinshirou, Kinshirou felt that it allowed him to be selfish and that's why he could never say anything to Atsushi.

Zundar and Hireashi interrupt the heartfelt, apologetic reunion, and it's at this time both the Caerula Adamas and the Battle Lovers find the power within themselves to transform into a More Better (sic) version of their transformed selves. With their new powers combined, they defeat Zundar and Hireashi for real this time, and the Battle Lovers celebrate by selling the curry at their booth and inviting the Student Council on a trip to the Kurotama Bathhouse together. The Earth Defense Club and the Earth Conquest Club take the time to bond and put the past behind them. Yeah, it's that kind of show.

The above is the summary of season 1, but season 2 can be surmised very briefly: twin space idols return to Earth and send monsters to attack the Battle Lovers because... they're jealous that Yumoto gets to be Goura's younger brother and not them.... Like season 1, it's basically monster of the week, except the Battle Lovers find out the identity of the VEPPer Brothers much sooner... and because they decided not to do anything about it immediately, they found it awkward to do something suddenly a few weeks later. Basically, while the point of season 1's story was what happened between Atsushi and Kinshirou, season 2's story is more about what happened between Goura, the VEPPer Brothers, and Yumoto. The only significant thing that happens aside from that is the Student Council Members studying abroad for the season, although they make a return for the finale when they learn the Battle Lovers are in danger. That, and the Ultra More Better (sic) transformation....

Personality: En is the epitome of laziness and is someone who has zero motivation to do anything but sleep and relax at the bathhouse. In fact, even "bending over is a pain in the ass" according to him and thinking of his own likes and dislikes is apparently too much work. Still, he becomes slightly less lazy as the series progresses. While comparing En from the first episode of season 1 with the En from season 2's finale isn't quite like night and day, he really did go through some positive changes.

He starts off as a teenager whose only real dream in life is to have dreams in bed. When presented with the responsibility of protecting the Earth, he was one of the club members most against it because it was too much work. In the end, he didn't really have a choice about it--it was either do his job or suffer bursts of pain in his wrist forever--so he did it. He, like a few of the other Battle Lovers, treats the job as a joke and is often scolded by Wombat for treating it as such. After all, a monster usually interrupts his relaxation in the bathhouse or the club room, so his immediate reaction is to be grumpy about the interruption and his next reaction is to zip down there, beat up the monster, and return to relaxing. While he never does quite take it incredibly seriously, he does end up taking it more seriously by season 2.

Ironically, although he's the type of person who doesn't want to do anything, he absolutely can't stand being bored and is willing to do almost anything to alleviate the feeling of boredom. An example of this is En putting together a plan on a white board about how to get fellow Battle Lover Ryuu elected as this month's Pretty Boy. He takes a leadership position, probing his fellow Earth Defense Club members about what makes a man popular. He encourages the others to play to their strengths to advertise for Ryuu, himself included. It gets to the point where Wombat bemoans the fact that if only En and the others were so passionate about their duties as Battle Lovers. In contrast, there are also times when he proposes an idea such as going to the beach while in the middle of reading manga and forgets he even proposed it, and so he can be a little airheaded. His occasional airheadnesses doesn't stop him from getting high grades in the 95-100% area... although most of those right answers come through guessing with sheer luck.

Even though En is only 18, he worries that his face is already losing its youthfulness. In fact, when he's gently teased that he has a very mature looking face by the other Battle Lovers, he lets the idea worry him for quite some time. It's moments like these where he appears to be a typical teenager, letting unimportant things bother him. And, even though he's 18, he thinks of innocent people like Yumoto to be kids through and through, despite the fact that he childishly, though subtly, antagonizes Kinshirou just to get a reaction out of him. Yet at the same time, he can be surprisingly mature when it concerns someone he cares about. He can be both sharp and perceptive. For example, when Yumoto is troubled by seeing Ryuu and Io argue, En subtly tries to diffuse the situation because he remembers how frustrated Yumoto was when En and Atsushi had argued previously. He has also learned to recognize Atsushi's approach by the pitch of his footsteps and is very keen about people's emotions in general. In the span of two seasons, he went from barely being an acquaintance to a good friend of Yumoto, Io and Ryuu. It was a gradual change, but by the finale of season 2, En is vaguely reminiscent of a fatherly or older brother figure to the rest of the Battle Lovers.

The most obvious insight to En's personality and ideals is in the eighth episode of season 1, where the monster of the week camped out above a convenience store En frequented. Its power to essentially turn the positive energy of friendship into the reverse of it put a very heavy strain on his friendship with Atsushi. En went from chill to the flaming hot sun quickly. Suddenly he was angry at Atsushi for not having waited for him and for sending long, detailed responses coupled with emoticons to Yumoto's texts when En himself only received short, curt replies. In turn, Atsushi argued that he did wait, having walked slowly so En could catch up, and that he only sent Yumoto longer texts because En's texts were usually five words or less. Eventually, they couldn't even bear to be in the same room as each other because En would argue with Atsushi over the mildest things.

The fact that he was suddenly so angry with Atsushi caused En so much distress that he was miserably rolling on the club room floor in despair, rather than slouching at his desk like usual. He knew he was being jealous and angry for no reason, but because of the effects of the monster, he couldn't stop himself from exploding in anger around Atsushi. The fight caused them both to drop out of the Battle Lovers, not feeling like transforming and fighting monsters with their soured moods.

When a rumor floats around the school along the lines of "My friend went to the convenience store and hasn't been the same since," Yumoto, Io and Ryuu do some investigating. When Atsushi finds out that En's flipped attitude towards him was due to a monster, he rushes off to fight the monster with Ryuu and Io. Even though the monster has an upper hand with En's absence and easily beats the other four boys down, Atsushi is determined to win so En will return to normal. Just as the monster is about to finish Atsushi off, En, transformed as Battle Lover Cerulean, grabs Atsushi and pulls him away from the attack. He declares that he is absolutely furious at himself for nearly losing Atsushi over such a stupid fight. When the monster turns its attention on En, Atsushi protects him, becoming afflicted with the friendship negation spell. And yet, even though they both realize they're angry for no reason, they use that emotion to lay into the monster with a powerful attack, and Yumoto lets them finish off the monster with a Love Shower.

The way these events play out is in stark contrast to Atsushi's fight with Kinshirou. Although Atsushi acted the same--passive and not wanting to agitate the other over something so minor--Kinshirou couldn't bring himself to apologize until years later. In contrast, En was able to apologize even while under the effects of the monster. En was able to acknowledge that he was being an idiot and apologized sincerely right away because his friendship with Atsushi is one of the most, if not the most precious thing to him.

Abilities: The Flashing Prince, Battle Lover Cerulean
‣ Increased athleticism: high jumps, increased durability, etc
Loveracelet, which allows En to transform into Battle Lover Cerulean
Purifying Aqua, which allows En to use water magic
Cerulean Aqua, his finisher move

Alignment: Aiada -- En appreciates the overlooked, simple things in life like the seemingly purposeless chikuwabu in miso soup, or the classical Japanese music televised on New Year's Eve. In fact, his New Year's wish was for a year where he could spend every day enjoy a simple thing like skipping.

Other: N/A


General Sample: [ Here ]

Emotion Sample: The ad had called for "downers" to make their backyard into a proper swamp. It didn't seem like a particularly hard job. No matter which side of the emotion spectrum he happened to fall into, it would probably work out. Positive emotions to summon crystal clear water, negative emotions to summon a moody rain cloud... or something like that. He wasn't entirely sure since he hadn't bothered to actually read up on how this place worked with emotions. It was enough to know that being happy was good and being sad was... probably not so good.

And so that was how he found himself in some stranger's backyard. En frowned and ran a hand through his hair as he stared at the grass before him. Swampy. Right. He wondered if swampy emotions were even a thing, then wondered if he imagined a swamp, if he would be overcome with swampy emotions. So he closed his eyes thought as hard as he could, and imagined what the backyard would look like as a swamp. Deep water and mud everywhere, maybe an alligator or two... it was a perfect replica of a swamp, at least in En's opinion, although when he opened his eyes the backyard was unchanged.

It wasn't even a job he'd wanted to do in the first place, but he needed to do something. Although he may not have read up on this world's version of emotion magic, he wasn't an idiot and he knew that the locals' generosity would only go so far. That free place of his? He'd probably be owing rent in a month or two. What a pain. He sighed heavily, wishing that instead of being brought to Verens that he'd been brought to a beach, or a vacation resort in some snowy, mountainous region. But no, his luck was terrible and he'd been brought... here.

It wasn't anger that he felt, but disappointment coupled with a bit of frustration over his situation as a whole--and there it was--the gentle pitter-patter of rain. His mouth still a frown, he looked up. The sky was clear, but directly overhead was a small rain cloud. It was barely a sprinkle, and although he was glad he was able to get that emotion magic to work, it was going to take forever to turn this backyard into a swamp if this was the strongest rain he could muster.

Questions: N/A