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♨ CR Chart

atsushi Atsushi Kinugawa // 鬼怒川熱史
In middle school, En caught Atsushi's arm before he tripped and fell. As luck would have it, they both had coupons to CoCoKaRa Curry which helped spark a lifelong friendship. Although they're polar opposites, they seem to understand each other nearly perfectly; En can understand how Atsushi's emotions work and Atsushi can translate the most minor changes in En's naturally deadpan expression. They currently live together in an apartment, which En tries his best to keep... sufficiently clean.

eikichi Eikichi Mishina // 三科栄吉
Boss-sama. Really. Despite En's droopy-eyed appearance, Eikichi was kind enough to allow En employment at the Jade Dragon Bathhouse. Fortunately, although En doesn't care about a lot of things, bathhouses rest comfortably at #3 on his list of things he cares about, following manjuu at #2 and Atsushi at #1. Eikichi seems... young. And eccentric. But he gave En a job, so he's not about to complain.

jj Jean-Jacques Leroy
Apparently he's a pro Canadian figure skater or something like that. It's not that En doesn't appreciate figure skating, because he does, but it's still incredibly hard for him to imagine a figure skater saving the world. Apparently, JJ considers him a friend. Maybe? En doesn't know. He calls him "Low Energy" but that's not really a friendly term, is it? JJ also apparently is into singing, and En can get behind that. At the time being, he prefers JJ's vibrato over his bravado.

weiss Weiss Schnee
His first thought when he saw her was comparing her to an ice queen, but for as frosty as she might appear, she's basically just a pile of snow that's melted from the warmth of her heart. She seems a little bossy, just like En, but she seems to know what she wants most of the time. She very clearly cares about people, Atsushi included, which makes her all right in his books. He's kind of amused at the cooking tales he's heard about her, though, but it seems she pulls it off better than he does.

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