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12/25 Action

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[ Atsushi had been out all day giving little gifts to his potential friends, that he didn't make it back to their place until a little later. When he gets back home and puts his stuff away, he walks off to the kitchen area and heats up a plate of curry for En. He was a little busy making a bunch of this stuff for other people.

He then wandered into the living room area of their apartment and gently sat a box down on top of En's back.
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[ If En ever ventures off into the kitchen of their joined apartment, he will find not only
1 sleeping Atsushi

sleeping on the table with his face in his arms, he will also find a plate with a big heart shaped chocolate and a bunch of little ones all around it. The big one is flavored of En's usual taste, while the little ones are all with spicy spices mixed in.

That isn't all though. Beside the the plate of chocolates was was a very clear and lovely raindrop cake. There was a design made into it that looked much like a water droplet falling into a puddle. There was a note beside the sweets saying "For En-chan.
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i am the latest

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[ it's valentine's day, and weiss has heard all about it from people from earth! she doesn't have a significant other, but it's apparently okay to celebrate with friends, so that's what weiss decides to do.

a messenger bird will swoop in gracefully and drop a small bouquet with a card that reads: ]

Happy Valentine's Day. Stop being lazy.

Yours truly,
Weiss Schnee.
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[ There was a gentle knock on En's door. He didn't want to be rude and burst in, especially if En was resting. ]
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voice | idk two days later after that log!!

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Hey, En?

When we met that night, I just wasn't feeling... great. I guess I didn't make a good first impression, huh?
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spams your inbox

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[ a fancy lavender envelope will be delivered to en's doorstep today! it's sealed with a blue snowflake stamp, and when opened, it will reveal an invite. there's another envelope too, obviously for atsushi.

the party will be on march 6 oocly! and the address on the invite is weiss' home. ]
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5-27 Action

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[ he really did cause such a hard time for En this whole week. He couldn't believe how much trouble he's caused for him. He had to make it up to him. He was such... such a bad friend! While getting En's favorite curry ready on the stove, he hurried over to the living room to find En. ]

Is there anything I can get for you? Another Pillow perhaps... or... a drink? Maybe some tea? Coffee? I can get you a blanket?
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a letter.

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[ delivered by a mailman!! ]

Dear En,

How do you do? You might be wondering why I'm writing to you. It's because I'd like to promote writing letters again. This is much more personal compared to receiving a text, or in this case, receiving a telepathic message. Look at the cute stamp this letter comes with!

It's been a while since we last spoke. I hope you're doing well. In case you were curious, Jaune and I resolved our issue. I suppose all it took was honesty and humility. The latter wasn't very easy for me. in any case, we're now on speaking terms again. We also destroyed the first floor of our house during a fight, but we've managed to fix everything now.

Please let me know if there's anything you need. I'd be happy to help, the same way you helped me.

Respectfully yours,

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[ Sorry En, but you are getting woken up around noon by your best friend. ]
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2 july.

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[ weiss is barely in any mood to go out right now; she just wants to be alone. it's a friend's birthday, though, so she tells herself she wants to do this! it's why she's knocking on en and atsushi's door.

she has a bouquet of blue flowers with her, and a box wrapped in white lace and a lilac ribbon! inside is a blue fleece blanket because what do you even give to a lazy person??? weiss has no clue. ]
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8/15, voice

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[ J was totally not stalking that one particular conversation between En and Atsushi, where Atsushi is showing...strange colors, so to speak. Sssshh, friendship is a mystery and he's curious to all shapes it might take. ]

Hello, Yufuin-kun. [ Maybe En remembers that voice, maybe he doesn't. Sorry, J isn't fond of the image feature. ] Did Atsushi-kun hit his head on something lately? Or develop an interesting allergy?

[ It's heavily implied that by those questions, he's talking about that post Atsushi made earlier in the day. ]
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9-05 [Action ]

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[ It had been a long few weeks for the two of them. For a second time in a row Atsushi had been affected by something this island caused. En of course was very forgiving, or rather he continuously told Atsushi that there was nothing to forgive, and Atsushi tried to accept those words. It's just, the past couple weeks since he's been back to his usual self, it felt like there was something wrong with En. Maybe he wasn't feeling well? Maybe work was just exhausting, but Atsushi swears he hadn't seen much of En from him going to work and going straight to bed.

It was troubling, really troubling, but Atsushi wanted to stay strong. He thought maybe En needed some space from him, from the strange happenings, and everything. He wanted to respect En's wishes like a good friend and leave him to himself, but after a while it was really wearing Atsushi out as well.

That night Atsushi had made his best attempt at "Veren Island lakefood curry???" in hopes that En might come out of his room. As the curry was finishing cooking, Atsushi made his way over yo En's room and knocked on the door gently.

En-chan, are you awake?