slothly: (pic#10483885)
En Yufuin ♨ 由布院煙 ([personal profile] slothly) wrote 2016-12-25 04:26 am (UTC)

[ As always, Atsushi had been more productive than En. In a terrible turn of events, En needed to work this morning... so he could have enough money for today. It was kind of weird for it to be Christmas again so soon. In fact, it felt like they'd just celebrated it.

So while Atsushi is being Atsushi later in the day, En is collapsed face down on the couch, attempting to be dead to the world. He's got that odd feeling of being too tired to sleep. It's weird and he hates it. But there's something weighing down on his back, and he immediately knows it was worth it to go to work today to get that extra money. ]


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